Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Yeah for Condoleezza Rice

On May 31, 2006 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice took a major turn with the Iran-United States nuclear negotiation policy. She said the United States government is willing to join the European Union and the United Nations position on the terms towards negotiating with the Iranian government. Granted it may not change a thing on the ground because of the Iranian’s position. But it clearly puts the ball in the Iranian government’s court with the United States government moving inline with the international community of nations. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice statement clearly sent a statement to the leaders of the rest of the world. That President Bush is moving away from the position of the Neocons (Cheney-Rumsfeld) in his administration and towards a more global centrist’s position.

If the Iranian government decides to open negotiations though diplomacy with the international community it will change everything. The international community will have a hard time making a case to support their position that Iran cannot have nuclear capabilities such as the State of Israel. Possibly political and economic bribery can change the position of the Iranian government. Sanction will not work with a nation with so much oil. The laws of “Common Sense” and “Fairness” are on the Iranians side as far as the international reality of the world. Yes, most people and nations in the world would rather that Iran or Israel did not have any Nuclear weapons. The common sense of the majority of people of the world says the world would be a lot safer and better off if no nation had any nuclear weapons. What are the chances of that ever happening zero to almost none.

The only possible way for negotiations to work with the Iranians is for the Israeli nuclear weapons program to be dismantled under international observation. Then the international community bar would not be a double standard. How can the international community say that it is ok for Israel to possess nuclear weapons and an Islamic country cannot? The same would hold true for disarming India and Pakistan of their nuclear weapons. You will not get one to do it without the other. Common sense in these types of matters tells you what is good for one side is good for the other.

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