Sunday, May 28, 2006


God, Girly Guys and Guns

The religious right in the United States have taken control of our federal government. A person’s spiritual religious beliefs and governments with large military armies do not go together well. The self-righteous person of faith has very little tolerance for people of different faith and customs. Issues dealing with morals and religion are very personal and the government’s policies are for the public at large. What is right for one person may not be right for another person. It is the government responsibility to protect the rights of the individual without impeding on the rights of others. A lack of balance and common sense has taken our nation down the wrong path in so many ways.

How does the religious right justifying being Pro Life, Pro Gun, and Pro War and so anti gay when two people of the same sex wanting to commit their love to one and another. An investigation into the eleven states that had referendums in 2004 elections dealing with gay matrimonies will find that the religious right was the motivating force behind getting them on the ballet. The religious Wizards of TV preaching to their followers to vote the way of God and Jesus demonizing anyone who is outside the line. The religious fundamental extremists controlling the United States government today are almost as bad as the ones we are fighting. The religious extremists are in control of the governments on both sides of America’s War on Terrorists.

By defending bad policies our actions are getting us deeper into a hole. Today we are confronted with a no win situation in Iraq while we are flaming the fire to going to War with Iran and Syria. Different foreign empires have occupied people in the Middle East for over one thousand years. Today with the vast amount of the world’s oil reserves in the Middle East there fight to who is going to control the region has intensified. The United States has gone to war not understanding who is the enemy. This has escalated global tensions around the world.

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