Saturday, May 27, 2006


Two Wrongs make a Right with an Eye for an Eye

The Israelis having a clear upper hand in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis with the United State’s support are winning the military war while losing the political, economic, and social arena. On both the Israeli and Palestinian sides there are religiously indoctrinated extremists who do not want peace without wiping out or controlling the people on the other side. As long as the State of Israel and the United States have contempt and disregard for International Laws, the United Nations, and the general consensus of the international community of nations there will be no peace or security.

The State of Israel and the United State’s economies are too heavily depended on the military industrial complex with 40% of Israel’s exports being military related. With the War on Terror, Israel’s military exports will grow even more creating a mini military religious state. The United States being the world’s largest exporter of weapons of death and destruction and the largest buyer of Israeli military products. Both nations are leading the world in the production of military weapons of defense and offence yet neither nation possessing peace or security.

Much of the problem has to do with the conditioning of the people on both sides. The State of Israel possessing a modern military force that all Jewish people over seventeen must serve in the military. Between the religious and military indoctrination there is little room for common sense and reasoning with your neighbors that are different than you. With Jewish immigrants from other continents claiming God given rights to the land while up rooting the indigenous people of their land. The horrific conditions imposed onto the Palestinian people by Israeli government policies are at the root of the creation of the Palestinian suicide bombers.

The weakest link in the security of the United States is our intelligence community ability to gather and decipher information. With so many of our think tanks and policies making organizations dealing with the Middle East issues having a dispositional influence of religiously indoctrinated Jewish people influencing our government policies in this region. Some people have compared it to the “Wolf guarding the chicken’s coop.” If the people of the United States want what is best for State of Israel they would help moderate Israel’s policies and position in the region. The State of Israel making major government policies changes towards the Palestinian people for the better this opening the door putting a new light on Israel. Then and only then other governments of the region and world will change their relationship with the State of Israel for the better.

As with the Catholic Church for many years the hierarchy lied to the people saying there is no problem within the church. A similar thing is happening in many Jewish Temples towards the facts of the State of Israel and the Islamic Palestinian people.

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