Sunday, May 21, 2006


Border and Immigration

Yes, most Americans agree there is a problem at the border with the method of millions of Central and South American people coming to the United States for jobs. The majority of these undocumented immigrants have more Native American blood than Spanish blood in their family bloodlines. Many of them come from the poorest condition within their homeland country. They are people who are discriminated against in their own homeland similar as the American Indian in the United States.

The manner in which the United States government and big business has dealt with Canada is one way and the nations to our south a different way are a major part to our border problems today. If we really wanted to secure our boarder with Mexico we would change our ways in dealing with the Mexican’s government and business. Because the standard of living is similar between Canada and the United States we do not have the millions of un-document worker coming to the United States. Only by raising the standard of living in Mexico will we be able to secure our boarder.

The United States must deal with the nations to our south in a similar manner as the Canadians. New good paying jobs and opportunities must be created in Central and South America. The Organization of the American States must take a leading role in the changes that must take place between the United States and the nations of Central and South America. There are many different platforms that have to be addressed to securing our nations boarders. Only by dealing with all of the platforms including the social and economic conditions that are part of the root to the problem of the undocumented immigrant problem we have today.

Many of the undocumented immigrants from our southern boarder are more American that most of the United States citizens. Their family roots go back thousands of years in the Americas. One does not have to go to far back in history or dig to deep to find the inhuman treatment of the Native American Indians in the United States. One must be practical as well as fair in solving the undocumented immigrant problem in America. Only by addressing the whole problem will the answers to a long term solution be found.

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