Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The Opulence of Americans is Obscene

It is totally obscene the way so many wealthy American people are living their lives. American families of two, three or four people are living in five thousand to twenty thousand square foot homes often owning more than one home. The American society is consuming more than five times the amount of the world oil than is their fair share. With the world’s oil supply in question and global demand of oil growing. The American society is growing more depended on oil from other nations from around the world.

It is socially irresponsible for the American people to be building bigger homes that are not “Green Homes”. For the wealthy people, who for the most part are most the highly educated people to feel they are entitled to more and more is wrong. Given the conditions of the people of the world and the poor people within America there is no justification for such opulence.

The political, military and economic cost to our nation and the people of the world for America’s excessive consumption of oil is straining the global system. How we utilize our global resources will determine the living conditions of the people in the world. The cost of defending bad policies or policies that are clearly wrong will only worsen the global conditions among nations and people.

The arrogance of the wealthy people and leaders of America is undermining global security. The size of the wealthy American homes and cars are at the root of many of American problems today. America making up less than five percent worlds population is consuming twenty-five percent of the world’s oil.
The control of the world’s natural resources is often part of the grounds for war. With more money made by fewer people in a wartime economy the people in power often choose war over diplomacy.

Often how a person or nation makes their great wealth is as despicable as the way they live their life. The corporate greed of the over paid white collar executives is out of balance to the realities of the people in the world. It is the excessive compensation and consumption of a few people making it so there are so many people without a living wage in the world. For the wealthy to consume more than their fair share of the world’s natural resources is socially irresponsible.

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