Thursday, May 25, 2006


How Low will American Democracy go Before we Implode?

Will we become a military police state similar to our former enemies that we fought during the Cold War? Are we so brainwashed as American by propaganda that we no longer understand the realities of the world around us. As we create more enemies than allies with our foreign policies are we any safer or more secure as a nation. Our federal government’s leaders have made great mistakes in the past and are only making them worst by telling more lies to the American people. Most American people are buying these lies wanting to be good American citizens making the situation even worst. Not until we as people in our nation wake-up to the truth to the realities in the world around us will things get any better. Our Federal government leaders are saying one thing while doing the complete opposite to what they are saying, are leading us into disaster. Whether it is the state of the economy, our foreign policies or why we are doing what we are doing it is a complete sham that only the white American people are buying. The great divide between what the American people perceive as the truth and reality and the way most of the other people in the world perceive things is only getting worst.

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