Saturday, May 06, 2006


Tracking the National Debt

The last American President to leave office with the National Federal Debt {NFD} under a trillion dollars was President Jimmy Carter in 1981.

· 1976- 1980 President Carter added approximately 277 billion dollars over his four-year term. When he left office the (NFD} was approximately 930 billion dollars.
· 1980- 1988 President Reagan takes the honor for breaking into the trillions. The born again conservatives took the {NFD} from 930 billion to 2.6 trillion dollars in eight years this is an increase of 1.6 trillion dollars. Almost tripling the {NFD}.
· 1988- 1992 President George H. Bush took the {NFD} from 2.6 trillion dollars to 4 trillion dollars in four years. This is an increase of 1.4 trillion dollars almost the same over President Reagan eight year term.
· 1992-2000 President Clinton started off with the {NFD} at 4 trillion dollar and over eight years grew to 5.6 trillion dollars. This was an increase of 1.6 trillion dollars about the same as under President Reagan over the same period of time.
· 2000-? President George W. Bush started off the {NFD} at 5.6 trillion dollar with the {NFD} at 7.3 now and projected to be 7.6 by the end of President Bush’s first term. This is a two trillion dollar increase in four years. This is 400 billion dollars more than President Reagan and President Clinton during their eight-year terms.

From 1980 when the {NDF} was just under a trillion dollar to September 2004 the {NFD} is 7.3 trillion dollars. The Republicans controlled the White House sixteen years of the last twenty-four years running the {NFD} up approximately 5 trillion dollars while the Democrats controlling the White House for eight year added 1.6 trillion dollars. President Clinton is the only President during this period to have a year with balance federal budget with a surplus not adding to the National Federal Debt.

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