Friday, May 05, 2006


United Nations

As never before the role of the United Nations is so ever important to the future global community. With problems in the Untied Nations and around the world becoming ever so more complex. As major changes have to happen around the world so they must at the United Nations. Example United Nations Security Council Veto Vote Resolution 1385 on Saturday December 29, 2001. One nation or one person should not have so much power to be able to stop such a resolution in secret. With only one being out of sink with the others an amendment to the resolution would be in order. The UN Security Council being the high Council of the UN with the one vote veto you are creating a dictatorial buricaticy on a global level. Giving any one of the Permanent Nations absolute power in being able to stop any resolution they desire.

The UN Security Council should be change to change with it changing role. Keeping the basic format with some changes such as; Increase the number of members to 11 with 2 being rotatening members. One would rotate on a five-year basis. The other nine would be pediment member. With one nay vote the resolution passes. With two nay votes the resolution must be amended so there is only one nay vote or less to pass. Three nay votes and the resolution is veto.

It is though practices and action like this that tarnish the role of the United Nations and the United States in their leading role with the global community. One vote should not be able to stop what others see to be good for the situation in a global way. We would not tolerate that practice anywhere else why at the UN Security Council.

Opening the UN Security Council to the democratic ways we want nations to move towards. This council must act in a global way for what is in the best interest of the global community and not one nation. With the current policy of a one vote veto in the Security Council stifles the work of all of the other groups invold. No nation should have absolute control over the international policy of the global community.

A balance of power between local, state and national is as important as the balance between national, regional and global.

Nation re-construction should be a done on a state and national level with the regional neighbor nations and the United Nations leading the way. States should be created following the ethnic and tribal boundaries to make up the national government and it reprehensive.

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