Wednesday, May 03, 2006



How the people in the anarchism movement maybe hurting the cause they are fighting for. The people who are working for major changes in the system need to keep several things in mind. For one you will not gain the support of those people who are apart of the mainstream fringe that are sympathetic to your struggle by scaring them away. The best analogy to this point is found in the pro-life verses pro-choice movement. The pro-life movement has tried to paint the pro-choice movement with a pro-abortion brush. If the pro-choice movement took on a pro-abortion tone they would lose many mainstream supporters from the pro-choice movement. Your opponent will try to move your side of the movement to the outside of the mainstream making them look more mainstream.

The right wing movement has been rather successful in moving the left wing movement out of the mainstream. They have done this by demonizing the left wing movement with the unconditional support of the political and corporate infrastructure for they are the ones under attack. It is politically acceptable for the right-wingers to declare a revolution but if the left-wingers declare a revolution it is considered to be unpatriotic, a threat to our national security, even treason.

In the eyes of many of the people in the world the extremists were in side Madison Square Garden at the Republican Convention. There were very few people outside on the streets performing acts of civil disobedience getting the majority of the mass media coverage while tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people will be standing up in protest. With the vast majority of people protesting being from mainstream America with their voice never heard. The mass media will only cover the extremist acts of violence outside making those inside Madison Square Garden more moderate. While those inside have a higher allegiance to the Republican Party than their nation.

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