Monday, March 27, 2006


United States and Israel Stand Alone

The United States and Israel must address the issues that make so many people and nations hate their government policies and actions. The hypocrisy between what the United States and Israel government say and what they do is at the core of so much of the tensions around the world. No other nations in the world could get away with the military actions of these two nations. For the Israeli government officials to claim that Iran has nuclear weapons and it is a violation of Israel national security. This is the same claim that most Arab nations make in regards to Israel nuclear weapons program being a threat to their national security. For Israeli ancestor survivors of the Holocaust to be implementing government policies and actions onto the indigenous Palestinian people today is a humanitarian crime that is not acceptable.

The United States government unconditional backing and support of the Israeli government actions make the American taxpayers responsible for the actions of the Israeli government and military. Israel being a regional military supper power and the United States being a global supper power has put us at odds with others nations in the world and in this region. The Arab people have seen too many deals with the Western industrial nations for cheap oil in exchange for expensive military weapons. With so few job and career opportunities for so many young Arab people unemployment run 30% to 70% among many Arab nations. Yes, there are problems in the Arab world that need to be addressed but the overwhelming military destruction of the cradle of civilization is not the answer in Iraq, Iran, or in the Holy Land.

Only by understanding and addressing the grievances of the other side will the answer be seen and implemented. One side likes to blame one person on the other side for their problems. As long as you deal with the problems on a superficial level you will never get to the root of the answers. An example of this would be in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis by not dealing with the Jerusalem and Jewish Settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip there would be no peace. The Right to Return has to be addressed on both sides for it is at the root of the problem. Compensation for the Palestinian victims must be addressed and part of a final plan. By one side destroying the other side is not making anyone safer or better off over the long term of time.

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