Sunday, March 05, 2006


It is Time for Progress Toward Peace

It is very sad to say that there will be more terrorists’ attacks by Palestinians Freedom Fighters against Israeli people in the years to come. Unfortunately the Israeli government will retaliate worsening the already dire conditions of the Palestinian society. There is no question which government and people have more control of the situation on the ground in the Holy Land. Living conditions of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and West Bank are breeding grounds for Freedom Fighters or terrorists given the recent history of the region.

For there to be a chance for peace to grow in the region the Israeli government must take a bold new approach in dealing with the realities on the ground. The Palestinians and Arab nations must do the same with a strong backing from the international community of nations. Doing so will inflame the extremists on both sides further isolating them from the silent major of people on either side. Only by decreasing the cycle of violence not letting the extremists form either side take control, can the movement toward long-term peace come about in the region.

A massive infusion of capital is needed within the Gaza Strip and West Bank to create hundreds of thousand of new jobs and opportunities for the Palestinian people. For the Israelis to disengage as they did in the Gaza Strip is not nearly enough to correct the problems on the ground in the Holy Land. Much more is needed to be done, to make right this bad situation. Those in power and control have to take more responsibility for the conditions in the Holy Land today. A fair and viable settlement for both sides must be worked out regardless the reaction from the extremists on either side.

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