Monday, March 13, 2006


The World as we Known it is at a Crossroad

The only reason Israel is not considered a rogue nation by the United States is because they are our allied. Any other nation that was not our allied that met the same criteria would be considered a terrorist’s nation. Today the United States is looking and acting more like Israel and Iran. The United States is pushing its economic, political and religious policies onto other nation’s people. For the United States and the State of Israel to preemptively attack another nation in the name of their national security is hypocrisy. Because if any other nation does anything similar that is not our allied it is considered an act of terrorism and an act of war.

Having the biggest and strongest military forces does not make you right. Imposing your ways and beliefs onto others with military forces most often makes you wrong. They’re are far and few cases in the history of the world that the dominating global military empires used their military force for the greater good of mankind. Most often empires use their military forces to protect and serve their own self-interest.

Today the world is at a global crossroad where the supply of crude oil can hardly keep up with global demands. The United States and its industrial allies consume the greatest amounts of the global crude oil while holding the smallest amounts of the oil reserves within their nations boarders. As the people of India and China (over 1/3 the world’s population) compete for the dwindling global oil supply the international tension rise. Most of the Middle Eastern oil reserves are in the control of a few families who need the protection and sanctity of the western military powers to remain in control.

As the international demand of oil broadens the formal of the United States National Security must change to keep up with the realities of the international community of nations. Israel must do the same thing if it ever what’s to be recognized and respected by the international community of nations. The creation of the Jewish State of Israel by the United Nations i.e. (United States, Britain, and France) was mostly self-serving. Many nations at the end of World War II did not want any more Jewish refugees in their country. The creation of the Jewish State of Israel gave the Jewish people a homeland for the first time in the modern history. This has been a thorn in the Arab world that over shadow the oil deals between the people of the Middle East and the West. The creation of Israel created news that kept the operation of Middle Eastern oil deals out of the headline news. With much of the anger Middle Eastern people focused on Israel the oil companies could do business as usual.

The military industrial complex also greatly profited in the creation of the State of Israel. On a large part because of Israel the Middle East today is one of largest markets for the military industrial complex. The sales of military weapons to protect one from the other are flourishing in the Middle East creating a goldmine for the military industrial complex. Any time the military industrial complex and big oil have a common interest there will be trouble at the end.

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