Saturday, March 11, 2006


Art Of War

Before the United States military invasion of Iraq the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Collin Powell were against the immediate military invasion of Iraq because of the problems we face today. No one questioned whether the United States military could win the military part of the war. The question was could we win peace in Iraq and what was our military exit strategy. Vice President Cheney’s office and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld supported by the high level government Neocons were for the war with Iraq. At the end of the Cold War with the Russians then Secretary of Defense Cheney had the task to down sizing the military budget to make it more efficient. Much of the cost cutting and savings came from outsourcing jobs and services that the private sector could do cheaper. Today Halliburton has profited greatly from these changes in military operations.

Today President Bush claims he miss-calculated the Iraqi resistance we are running into today. Many people today are trying to blame it on faulty government intelligence. When in fact it was the work of a few Neocons that were part of the President’s team that side tracked the facts to the truth as well as the opposing points of view from within the Bush team. Under the Bush Presidency the United States diplomatic core has been put in the backseat with the civilian military Neocons running the show. It is the lack of balance and common sense in the decision making process of our system today that has us going astray.

Over time all things change whether it is for the better or for the worst. The evolution of technology and military weapons has surpassed our mental capacity to be able to control them. With international diplomacy being corrupted by money and greed by those in power. Only with major changes in our political and economic system will things get better. Many of the problems we face today are interconnected to one and another so too are many of the answers. To understand how bad things really are one should read the book SUN TZU’ S ART OF WAR.

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