Sunday, March 26, 2006


The Jewish National Fund (JNF)

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) was founded in 1897, with it primary mission to acquire and manage land for the Jewish people. According to the United States State Department own report of, 1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices the government of Israeli owns and manages 77 percent of the land, with the Jewish people owning 8 percent and managing another 8 percent of the land within Israel proper. This leaves only 7 percent of the land that non-Jewish people can own within Israel proper. The policies of the JNF not to sell or lease any land to non-Jewish groups or people.

Most Jewish citizen of the State of Israel are required to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), with most non-Jewish citizen prohibited from serving in the IDF. If a person serves in the IDF this open many more doors for housing, employment, educating, health insurance as well as higher unemployment compensation and better retirement pension packages. With most of the non-Jewish People being Palestinian 19 percent of the population of Israel proper, with the State of Israel’s Law discriminates them against.

With over 60,000 Palestinians living in what the State of Israel calls “unrecognized villages” with in Israel proper. By design these villages have no electricity, pubic water, paved roads, sewers and the Interior Minister of Israel by the law can destroy these villages at any time. With the IDF systematically destroying thousands of Palestinian homes on a regular basis. These are just some of the human right violations than the United Nations as well as other organizations and governments have cited the State of Israel for in the past. Yet the American mass media and government does not tell this side of the story to the American People. Anyone who raises these points or criticize the State of Israel, they label an anti-Semite and there is a certain irony to this because the Palestinians people are the real Semites too.

With the State of Israel owing and controlling 77 percent of the land within Israel proper, this shall make it possible for some retribution of land to the Palestinian Israelis people in the final settlement. With the United States Taxpayer financing 10 percent of the State of Israel annual budget and the American and European Jewish Temples financing the Jewish National Fund (JNF). This makes Americans responsible for State of Israel in their actions and policies against the Palestinian people today.

The State of Israel must relinquish control of some of their land; this should be part of the Master Land Plan of Israel. A major land reform within the State of Israel proper must take place as part of any real peace plan. Some of this land should the set a side for the 200,000 Israeli Settlers in the West Bank and Gaza to re-settle within Israel proper. With 7000 Israelis living in the Gaza Strip owning and controlling 42 percent of the land leaving the 1.4 million Palestinian people with the remaining 58 percent of Gaza Strip.

Without justice there will be no peace and without peace there will be no security throughout the world. The hypocrisy of the United States supporting these Israelis actions and policies are no longer going to be tolerated by the global community. Unless America is willing to be strong and balances, taking a leading role in this crisis. Unless the government of Israel is going to follow the Quartet’s program towards peace, there will only be more acts of terror committed by both sides. The historical record has been recorded and wittiness by many people with the American people being told one side of the story with many Zionist lies. Let the Truth be heard-David

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