Wednesday, March 29, 2006


United States Foreign Policies are Endangering World Peace

When the world’s dominating military super power declares a bilateral preemptive military take over of an undesirable nation’s dictator with very little to no support from the international community for this war. Chaos and civil war will prevail with the occupiers being the main target. It was the United States government’s support of Saddam in the Iraq-Iran War that helped Saddam to become the tyrannical dictator he became. Suppressive dictators of nations that do as the United States tell them to do are safe and secure, with the support of the United States military industrial complex.

Leaders of nations that challenge the United States national interests and policies for their own national interests will be attacked. Whether it is a political, economic, or military attack they will be targeted as an enemy. With the United States having so many domestic and foreign policies out of balance. Creating a negative effect on the United States national interest and security with other nations abroad. Two prime examples would be the amount of international money the United States National Debt is consuming and the amount of the worlds oil the United States consumes.

Going to war over the control of oil is how most of the people in the world see the war in Iraq. Saddam believing he was double-crossed by the United States wanted to retaliate. Whether it was to unite the Arab oil nations as a stronger block or to trade international oil in Euros instead of dollars. Saddam was labeled as a threat to the United States national interests and was dealt with accordingly. Saddam and Iraq are an example for other leaders of nations to what can happen if you step out of line with the United States.

The global interdependence of nations on oil with global consumption of oil rising and the old oil reserves dwindling in supplies is leading to rising tensions between nations around world. With the United States consuming a disproportional amount the world’s oil and global capital is putting the United States at odds with the international community of nations. The influence and control of the military industrial complex, international oil cartel and the State of Israel have corrupted the United States Middle East policies. Without major changes towards the United States military policies, energy policies and the policies with the State of Israel the world of nations will remain deeply divided.

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