Tuesday, March 07, 2006


War Crimes of Hebron

Why don’t people hear the truth about what is going on in the City of Hebron the largest Palestinian City in the West Bank? There were 130,000 plus Palestinian living in Hebron in 2000 and today there are about 100,000 Palestinians living there. For most part of the last six years the Palestinians people of Hebron have been living in lock down conditions similar to the conditions of Jewish Ghettos of Europe before World War II.

There are approximately 500 Jewish settlers living in the middle of the City of Hebron in four settlements known as the Hilltop Jewish Settlers. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) protects the Jewish settlers in Hebron. The IDF have created Jewish Only Roads going in and out of Hebron for the Jewish settlers safe passages. Destroying the homes and farms of thousands of Palestinian people to create the Jewish Only Roads and Open Space, Green Zones other wise known as security zones.

This is the true reality on the ground in Hebron during the Peace Talks of the late 90’s up until today for the Palestinian people of Hebron. There is no freedom of travel for the Palestinian people of Hebron with a very few exception. They can’t get their items to and from the markets outside Hebron. Without going threw IDF checkpoints that could take from a few hours to a few days for the Palestinian can pass through. Similar stories as there in Hebron are true in the Gaza and other Palestinian West Bank villages.

The truth of the matter is the Jewish Israelis have been terrorizing the Palestinian people for the last sixty + years. The Israeli have had total control of the Holy Land of Palestine since the 1967 Six-Day War. They have made living conditions unbearable for the Palestinian people trying to depopulate the Muslim population creating a pure Jewish State of Greater Israel. The goals and dreams of the Zionist’s movement are very similar as those of the Nazi in having a pure state of their own kind.

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