Saturday, March 04, 2006


Heaven and Hell are Right Here on Earth

President Bush in less than 6 year has added more than 2 trillion dollar to the United States National Debt. This is more than all of the Democratic presidents combined going back to President Johnson. A person just has to look at the facts to what the so-called conservatives presidents have done to the national debt. Between President Reagan, and the President Bush I and II they have added over 5 trillion dollars to the 8.3 trillion dollar of the United States National Debt.

If the United States Congress set the bar so low to impeach a sitting President for lying about sex under oath, then President George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney should be sentence to death by a military firing squad for treason to the United States. Today the United States National Security is more exposed and vulnerable to an attack from a foreign entity than ever before. Between the Federal National Debt, the Trade Debt and the up coming energy crisis the Bush Administration has done more to undermine the security of the United States than any other President. Recruitment is down in the branches of military and most of the State National Guard the United States first line of defense.

If the United States Congress impeaches President Clinton for lying about sex under oath, then what should be the punishment for a President lying about going to war in Iraq. With Vice President Cheney’s Halliburton receiving billions of dollars of open-end non-competitive contracts. According to the Downing Street Minutes in July 2002 ten months after 9-11 President Bush’s Administration had decided to go to War with Iraq.,00.html Both the Republican and Democratic Parties have let the American people down by giving away to the special interest groups. In the name of God, the Bush Administration is raping freedom, democracy and the American people.

Not to far off in the near future the United States and global economy is going to implode. Then the American people will see how fragile and vulnerable life is for most of the other people in the world. The United State has squandered its great wealth and resources on a military crusade for power and control. Only after things fall completely apart will it be able to be put back together again in a way that is balanced and just. The lack of global confidences in the United States leadership and direction will bring the world’s economy down. Today over 32% of the United States National Debt is held by foreign entities with China being one of the largest. If other nations do on to us, as we have done to them, are we in big trouble.

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