Thursday, March 02, 2006


Jewish National Fund

With the birth of the Zionists movement in the late 1800’s and the creation of the National Jewish Fund in the early 1900’s we are now confronted with a Jewish militant state with a modern military infrastructure of the twenty-first century. Today fully utilizing the Internet the American Jewish community is continuing to finance the extreme policies of the Israeli government that is fueling the war of terror. The wicked and harsh living conditions of the Palestinian people created by the Israeli government’s policies and actions are at the root of the most of the hate and terror in this region.

With the State of Israeli owing and controlling 77 percent of the land within Israeli Proper, this shall make it possible for some reapportion of land to the Palestinian Israelis people in the final settlement. With the United States Taxpayer financing ten percent of the State of Israeli annual budget and the American and European Jewish Temples financing the Jewish National Fund (JNF). This makes the American people responsible for State of Israeli’s in their actions and policies against the Palestinian people today.

The State of Israel must relinquish control of some of their land; this should be part of the Master Land Plan of Israel. A major land reform within the State of Israeli Proper must take place as part of any real peace plan. Some of this land should the set a side for the 200,000 Israeli Settlers in the West Bank and Gaza to re-settle within Israeli Proper. There were once 7000 Israelis living in the Gaza Strip controlling 42 percent of the land leaving the 1.4 million Palestinian people with the remaining 58 percent of Gaza Strip.

Without justice there will be no peace and without peace there will be no security throughout the world. The hypocrisy of the United States supporting these Israelis actions and policies are no longer going to be tolerated by the global community. Unless America is willing to be strong and balances in the leading role of this crisis with the government of Israel willing to follow the Quartet’s program towards peace. There will only be more acts of terror committed by both sides. The historical recorded has been recorded and wittiness by many people with the American people being told one side of the story with many being Zionist half-truths.

As long as the United States government and American Jewish community continues to finance the extreme policies of the Israeli government there will be no peace or security for anyone involved. The double standard of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has deepened the divide the people of the world weakening the global war on terror. We are in more danger today because of our pass and current policies in this conflict that have furthered polarized the extremists on both sides. Unless the United States and the State of Israel’s governments reevaluate their policies towards the Palestinian society in this conflict the fuel for terror will continue to grow worldwide.

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