Friday, March 17, 2006


No Winners in the War on Terror

Let us assume the State of Israel has the right to exist as a Jewish state co-existing in peace with her neighbors. This is clearly not the case today. The real question is how are things going to change for the better on both sides so the people can live in peace and have security co-existing together. Accepting the fact that there are three major parts to the War on Islamic Terrorists that the United States Foreign Policies are directly connected too. The first being the current policies and actions of the State of Israel, the second being tyrannical forms of governments of many Middle Eastern nations and the third being our national energy policies.

More specifically our consumption of so much of the world fossil fuel is crippling many of the other developing nations around the world. With many of the developed industrial nations having little to no native fossil fuel reserves. This is putting economic and political pressure on those nations that have substantial oil reserves. The flow of oil and money going into the hands of a very few people has corrupted the system. In many cases what is political and socially correct has been put on the back burner to guarantee a steady supply of Middle Eastern oil.

The perception of the problem to what is right and wrong will vary according to what side a person’s views it from. The religious indoctrination of the people on both sides has polarized the people even the moderates deepening the divide of the people. Without major policies changes on both sides things will continue to get worse for the people on both sides. Only by making friends out of our enemies will we have a chance for peace and security on a global level. For this to happen we will have to reform the system and policies strengthening the universal system of the global community of nations.

Unless the United States and the State of Israel are willing to lead in changing their ways, the violence of terror will continue to proliferate around the world. Without coming to a peaceful settlement in the Palestinian-Israel Crisis there will be no security or trust on either side deepening the divide. As well without major changes in United States energy policies, the evolution of the Middle Eastern Nations will turn to the worst. There will be no winners in the War on Terror as long as it is fought with armies and bombs. This will only heighten the level of tension in turn strengthening the extremists on both sides. Without recognizing the claims of the people on the other side there will be no answers that will work.

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