Saturday, March 18, 2006


Democracy Should Start at the United Nations

If President Bush and his administration really wanted to promote freedom and democracy around the world they would start with the United Nations. Almost all people on the left, right and in the middle of the political spectrum believe that the United Nations needs major reform. The United Nations is a multilateral international institution that operates on a dictatorial platform in the UN Security Council. As long as any one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council has a single vote veto over any UN Resolutions it is a dictatorship.

For Secretary of State Rice to be supportive of people up rising in the former Soviet Union countries saying it is a good thing is a bit short sighted. During the Cold War almost everything the United States government had accused the Soviet Union of doing or being from the domino effect to the police state the United States has succeeded in doing. How would the United States government and people take to the actions of China and or Russia setting up military bases in the American’s hemisphere as the United States has done in Asia?

The United States foreign policies and military have over stepped its bounds costing the American taxpayers 100’s of billions of borrowed dollars. The United States National Debt is growing over 500 billion dollars a year for the foreseeable future with much of it being financed by foreign banks and governments. The United States being the biggest debtor nation in the world has undermined the development of the developing world as well as United State’s national security. Interest rates in the United States as well as the rest of world will rise because of the United States government growing demand for more borrowed money.

The manor in which many of the elected United States Federal officials operates borders along treason and incompetence that is undermining the security of the United States as well as the rest of the world. Without the United States addressing some of the domestic problems and policies at home. The United States will have to continue to defend and support policies that are not sustainable over time putting all of us in danger. Unless the United States wants to be the military police of the world we better strengthen the role the United Nations as well as other international non-profit NGO’s.

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