Monday, March 06, 2006


Israel 500 Bunker Buster Bombs

Is America safer with Homeland Security catching Cat Stevens before he enters the United States? Is Israel safer with the American Taxpayers giving the State of Israel 500 Bunker Buster Bombs at the cost of 319 million dollars? Most likely it was Israeli Government that was behind the information putting Cat Stevens on the Americas no fly list. Yes, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and has spoken out in support of the Palestinian people struggle for human rights and dignity. Yes, the Israeli Government promised not to use any of the 500 Bunker Buster Bombs on the Palestinian people. These two actions by the United States Government epitomize the problems we face in the Middle East in our War on Terror.

The 911 Commission Report focuses on our government’s international intelligence system. There are three basic parts to our intelligence system collecting information, analyzing the information and creating policies and actions. Our elected public officials are directly involved in the analyzing of the intelligence information and the policies and actions aspects. So they are placing more of the blame on the system of the collections of intelligence information. With so much of the collected information subjected to the personal interpretation of the people that handle it. It is advantageous for people in power to disseminate misinformation so the people on the street do not really know what is going on.

Too much of the United States government’s intelligence information regarding the Middle East is filter through the Mossad and the Israeli government. Israel a Jewish military state with two to four hundred nuclear weapons wants to remain the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons. Washington rumors say that the 500 Bunker Buster Bombs that the United States is giving Israel are targeted for Syria and Iran. Cat Stevens a truth teller is a threat to war not peace. Both the State of Israel and the United States today lack in international diplomacy while favoring military actions instead.

It is not the lack of intelligence information that is the problem. It is the interpretation of the intelligence information as well as the source that it comes from that must be questioned. The Neo-conservatives and the private sector of the military industrial complex is the strong arm behind many of our military actions and policies in the Middle East and the world today. There is a great lack of balance between international diplomacy and military actions and policies of the United States and the State of Israel.

What are the best and worst synopsis cases of the State of Israel having 500 Bunker Buster Bombs? Reality and common sense for most people in the world would tell you “the bad far out ways the good” in this case. There is an element to all actions and government policies that are good and bad that must be weight in the decision making process. Only with a balance in the truth will come fairness and justice for the people bringing peace and security to the people on both side.

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