Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Land for Peace

There will have to be sacrifices made by all parties involve for peace and security to work over the long haul. The Israeli government moving back to the 1967 Armistice Line creating an autonomists Palestinian state. The Egyptian government donating a small portion of the Sinai that is adjacent to the Gaza Strip to help make the Gaza Strip of Palestine more viable. A combination of wind and solar farm can be built on some of the land creating energy and fresh water for the people of the Gaza Strip. Enlarging the Gaza Strip territory for the Palestinian people will make it more viable creating carrots for those families who want to help rebuild Palestine. Opening the door to Jewish Israelis that were and are sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinian people that want to live in the State of Palestine under Palestinian laws. They can help build stronger bridges between the people of Israel and Palestine.

As the Jewish people of the world helped the Jewish people of Israel build their state so to should the Arabs help the Palestinian people. The Palestinian government will plan new villages on the new land under their control that can be homesteaded by Palestinian families. Homes can be built and business started with one-time grants that will be funded by the international community of nations.

As the lives of the Palestinian people improve so too will the lives of the Israelis opening new doors with her neighbors. Jewish people who are accepted by the Palestinian government and want to live in the State of Palestine should be treated no different then the Muslim who live in Israel. You cannot build fences or walls to separate you from your friends and enemies. The Jewish National Fund controls a great deal of land within Israel and will be a key player on helping to relocate the Jewish Settlers who will be relocating to within Israel proper. The roots to the Jewish National Fund are as much part of the problem as they are to the answers of today. Only by amending the undesirable ways of the extremists on both sides can the majority of the people live in peace and security

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