Thursday, March 09, 2006


Have We Become Our Worst Enemy

The Cold War was over political ideology communism verses capitalism and the domino theory. We were telling the people on our side the commies were trying to take over the world and they were claiming the capitalists were trying to take over the world and we called it propaganda. Less than 25 years after the end of the cold war we are trying to convert the nations of the world to a democratic capitalist system of government. Since the end of World War II the military battles have been fought on the economics and political fronts. We no longer colonize nations with armies but economic and political trade agreements that control a nations economy.

Today with the United States Foreign Policy clearly dividing the world’s nations and people. Between our military actions and the State of Israel’s military actions and the political rhetoric coming out of both nations. Most of the nations of the rest of the world are feeling threaten by these policies and actions. Most Arab people and nations do not have to look to far or deep in their region to see the scars of what a democratic militaristic capitalist system of government can do to the people. The Israel government being the only democratic militaristic capitalist in the region not making a good Ambassador to the democratic capitalist form of government.

Many of the religiously indoctrinated American Jewish Temples and people are in the forefront of the War on Islamic Terrorist. With a disproportional amount of influence over the United States Middle East policies they are bringing their religious bias into our policies and position. The United States has armed militarily both sides the Israelis and Arab nations to the point of raising the level of tension to insanity. If the people of the world stand-up and condemn the Israelis for their military assassination of Hamas founder and spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin they are labeled anti-Semites. The Israelis raising the level of tension to the breaking point in the Islamic world in the Middle East and around the world by their military offensive actions. Claiming it is in the name of national security while endangering everybody else in the world. There is no Homeland Security Agency that can defend and secure the American people while supporting the current extremists policies and action of the State of Israel.

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