Thursday, March 16, 2006


Put Yourself in their Shoes

The Conservative Neocons in the Bush Administration promoted the military invasion and occupation of Iraq as part of War on Terror. Defying the international community the United States military took over Iraq with no real finial plan and strategy of peace. The Conservative Neocons manipulated the facts to build their case on the military invasion of Iraq. It was described as a “Cake Walk” and that our troops were going to be received as those in Europe during World War II. The Bush Conservative Neocons are in the pockets of the military industrial complex, the oil industry and the State of Israel.

For over twelve years the United States and Great Britain bombed Iraq and enforced trade sanctions that had more of a devastating effect on the Iraqi people than Saddam. Twelve years before the 1991 War with Iraq we were supplying Saddam with chemical weapons for his War with Iran. The United States and Great Britain were instrumental in the creation of the Saddam and the Shaw of Iran regime. Many of the people in the Middle East have gotten the short end of the stick by their government and the United States government policies.

Today we are paying the price for many years of bad United States policies in the Middle East. We are on the wrong track going the wrong way and do not even know it. President Bush said “They hate us because of our Freedom” when in reality they hate our foreign policies and what it is doing to their nations. From a tyrannical regime to a society of chaos being occupied by foreign armies the Iraqi people have been the victims. The internal problems of Iraq have to be solved by the Iraqi people with as little interference as possible from outside world. For people of one nation to tell another people of another nation how to run their country is similar to one family telling another family how to raise their children.

The Conservative Neocons tunnel vision to how the world should be is very self-serving. The half-truths they tell to meet and maintain their goal is daunting and is terrorizing the people of the world. Many of the talking heads in the mass media are the lips of the people in power to disseminate miss-information to hide the ugly truth. Our going to war in Iraq and current occupation of Iraq is a good example. The United States government undermined the United Nations as an organization before the invasion of Iraq and now we want to turn the Iraqi mess that we created over to them. You do not wreak a country and destroy their system in one hundred days and then expect to re-build it to meet your standards.

Today millions of Iraqi people are out of work with foreign contractors doing much of the work in their county. The American military forces have taken over many of Saddam’s former palaces creating “Green Zones”. What the Conservative Neocons call an International Coalition is mostly American military and British military forces with there being more soldiers of fortune (missionaries) than British forces. With more high paying security jobs being created in Iraq 500 to 1500 dollars a day paid for by the American taxpayer and more low paying security jobs being created in America. The Conservative Neocons through fear and deception have manipulated the American people into believing we are doing right. With one mistake after another we are only making a bad situation worst. Our government officials and Conservative Neocons are trying to tell the Iraqi people the answers to their problems and many of the Iraqi people do not agree. We are not listening or even told what they are saying if it challenges our official position

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