Thursday, March 23, 2006


Columnist Charles Krauthammer and the Neo-cons

It is frightening to think people like Columnist Charles Krauthammer represent the current administration viewpoints to national and global policies and security. The amount of hate and contempt for others that have a different philosophical foundation to their principles and believes is no different than a fascist. Columnist Charles Krauthammer is a leading national columnist for the neo-cons doctrine of dominance. Speaking in contempt against the United Nations or any other international organizations in behalf of United States domination in a militarily dictatorial role. All is right, disguised in the name of freedom and democracy with the neo-cons taking the religious high road to condom anyone who does not believe in their ways.

The Bush Cheney neo-cons have a clear vision of the corporate military dominance that will dictate international policies regarding international resources as part of United States national security. With many of the Islamic nations being a road bump in this plan. The American Enterprise Institute, one of the bases of the neo-cons use to guide and influence the Bush Cheney administration towards global dominance by military and economic policies.

The corporate greed of a few people is dictating global policies onto the people of the world for what is in the best of there own self-interest. These policies are threatening peace and security throughout the world. The lack of balance in fairness and truth has corrupted the system from within leading the wrong way in many of our policies and actions around the world. Without correcting our domestic policies at home there will be no foreign policies that will bring us security and peace around the world.

The neo-cons, people such as Columnist Charles Krauthammer see no role what so ever for the role of international organizations like the United Nations. Without a balance between universal, national and local interests power there will be no stability or security for the people on either side. As long as we want to dictate policies to our allies and enemy from a unilateral platform in Washington DC for what is in the best interest of a few global corporations. This will lead to great social, political, and economic unrest, destabilizing the future of our planet.

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