Monday, March 06, 2006


The Other Side

Understanding the other side, putting yourself in their shoes. There are many more than two sides to any problem, as there are many parts to a problem. Most often there is not an answer that is right to all, only a consentice to what might be best for the majority involved.

One can’t change history or what has already happen, but they can influence the way things are going to be tomorrow. Many things the way they were yesterday, would be wrong today. One must understand the historical perceptive of the way things were to be able to understand where we are today.

We have many more things in common with the other side than we realize. Things are not right and there are in-justices be done to our people. It is the other side fault for our problems. They started it and we don’t feel secure and it’s there fault. Usually most side will agree that there is a problem, it is only to the answer or solution there will be disagreements.

Many of the global problems of today are rooted in tribal problems from centuries in the past. Many wrongs have been committed by all sides over many years. At one time most of the world was control by tribes and tribal leaders. Then western way started to grow and move around the world. They did it through religion, politics, economics and warfare. Many different cultures have been wipeout in the face of western culture progress.

It was not too long ago that teaching hate was part of the curriculum in our schools and churches. We cannot control what one learns or thinks, but we have some controls on what is taught in our public schools. Realizing that in many cases throughout the world that it was religious leaders that were the first to read and write in the old world. They were the first teachers to the Royal families of the world. From the scriptures, the early lessons were taught and from this societies grew. Throughout the world’s history, intolerance of others has been taught to our young from our religion institutions, media and government policies. It is not part of our genetic make-up to hate someone that is different that you. It is taught and learned and past down from one generation to another threw the family and community.

Tribal boundaries and western borders have not or are not the same. One must realize the difference before you can understand part of the root to the problems. Thus most of the new immerging nations that are a pluralistic society should move away from a religious doctrine state of government. There has to be a balance between the religious influnance and military influnance in the central government.

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