Sunday, March 12, 2006


I am a War President

There are religious extremists are on all sides with the axis in the Holy land. President George Bush said more than once "The hand of God is guiding the affairs of this nation". Much of our government’s intelligence and information on the Middle East and Islamic affairs comes threw the pro Israel think tanks and lobbies. The Jewish religious extremists have had control of the State of Israel policies from the beginning and a growing influence over the United States Middle East Policies. Today the American people have a born again Christian fundamentalist in the White House as a "War President". This combination with the path we are on has raised the level of tension throughout the world while lowering the bar to going to war. The powerful militarist nations using collective punishment to retaliate against their adversaries often they are a people of no one nation or capital.

With no real understanding who and where the enemy is we have gone to war in the name of terrorist with modern military armies against tribal cultures who are battling within themselves. As with Christianity and Judaism there is a deep division within the Islamic culture between the old and the new ways in life. The role and relationship of the government to religion within a society is at question. Combined with the huge military industrial complex, they have raised the stakes to a point there will be no winner in the next World War. The militaristic religious nations are putting all of us in harms way.

Israel and the United States with the Judaic and Christian military industrial complexes have taken on a war with an army with no one capital or nation. It is more an ideology found within a small and growing minority of the tribal people of Islam throughout the world. Russia and the former Soviet Union have had their own on going conflicts with Islamic terrorists that some of had the backing of the United States and allies.

We are all in this world together with the answers to our global problems being found in a universal system. Some very basic principles and fundamental rules making the foundation to a Universal system that all other international laws can grow from. The national interest or security of one nation can not dominate a region of nation or the world for what is best for that one nations self interests. Only through global cooperation of most of the nations in the world working together can the best interest of the people in the world be achieved. Only by best utilizing the global resources in the world can we do some of the many things that need to be done to make this a better world to live in. There are not the resources in the world to fight on going battles that turn into wars and to do the humanitarian projects needed to be done around the world. One has to have their own nation in order before they can really help others. Only with balance and fairness can justice be achieved with peace and security for the community of nations.

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