Monday, March 20, 2006


Israelis are Re-Starting the Cycle of Violence Again

Yes, the Israeli are escalating the cycle of violence once again. The Israeli Offensive Forces took military control of a Palestine prison in Jericho destroying much of the prison and killing two Palestinian prison security guards and wounding 26 Palestinian people. This happen ten minutes after the British government removed their observers form the Palestinian prison. The Israeli arrested a Palestinian prisoner who was the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Ahmad Saadat for the assassination of the Israeli Minister of tourism, in 2001. There were five other Palestinian prisoners who were wanted by the Israeli government.

The Israeli government is on the public record saying they will take any military actions needed for the security of the State of Israel. These are the types of Israeli military actions that renew the cycle of violence in this life long conflict. Since the Israeli have turn Gaza over to Palestinian internal control the boarder crossing going in and out of Gaza have been closed most of the time. Special Envoy James Wolfensohn help to pay (out of his own pocket) the Israeli settlers for some of the greenhouses they left standing in Gaza. Otherwise, the greenhouses would have been destroyed by the Israeli Offensive Forces like everything else the Jewish settlers left standing.

The Israeli government has done almost everything it could do to escalate the violence and tensions between the people in the Holy Land. While the Israelis are giving with one hand, they are pulling the carpet from underneath the feet of the Palestinian society with the other hand. Then they wonder why there is so much hate and animosity toward them as a nation and people. The targeted assassination of Palestinian leaders by the Israeli Offence Forces must stop before the cycle of violence resumes. Any act of restraint by the Palestinian society. The Israeli try to take the credit as their policies are working.

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