Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Stronger International Global Platform

Only by building a stronger international global platform of organizations will the answers to peace and security be properly addressed. For this to happen there will be many needed changes that will have to come about to make this possible. As long as the United States government is spending over forty times the annual budget on military spending than all of the United Nations Agencies put together. We will continue to have more wars and less peace in the world.

With the United States spending over 420 billion dollars on military spending which is 43% of the world’s total military expenditure. And all of the budgets to the United Nations Agencies total about ten billon dollars. We will not have enough finical resources to make the needed changes to make it a better and safer world. The United States Government fiscal policies are draining the international monetary system from the needed capital for the developing nations.

Only by creating an independent global platform financed by an International Crude Oil Export Tax (OET) will we create a stable and large enough platform to make the needed changes. For some of the nations that are global super powers this will mean relinquishing some of their international powers. For the smaller and less powerful nations this will mean they will have to contribute more to the international originations platform. The taxpayers of any one nation call not be paying for it all without creating a global military empire as we have today.

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