Monday, March 13, 2006


Throw the Bums Out

If Washington DC is the bathtub and the elected federal leaders are the bath water you can see the problem. A little dirty water will contaminate all of the water in the bathtub. Only by draining all of the water out of the bathtub can you clean it up. Too many times in the past the American people have tried to clean the bathtub without draining all of the water out. If our elected officials were not all in the same bath tub it would be a lot easier to cleanup.

Both the Republican and Democratic Party leaders have been in the dirty bathtub for to long and they are contaminating everyone else in the water. Radical changes are needed to cleanup the dirty water in the Washington DC bathtub. There is no going half way in the cleanup of the dirty water politics in Washington DC. Any system will be as strong as the weakest link in the chain.

Today most of the leaders of both parties are more loyal to their party than their nation. Our elected officials are serving themselves before the people with the people paying the bill, i.e. Vice President Cheney is a good example. The lack of common sense and nobility has been overtaken by greed and corruption that may or may not be proven in an incompetent court of law. There are problems within our civil servant system from top to the bottom in ever direction.

Only by ridding our system of all its longtime leaders in both parties can we cleanup the system. By sending this message to Washington DC the leaders in the State capitols will get it too. As with math there are more wrong answers than there are right answers. This making it much harder in solving so many of the problems that are interconnected to one another.

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