Friday, March 10, 2006


The Truth Hurts Those Who Lie

I have never said the Arab nations have clean hands in the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis neither does the United States. There is plenty of blame to go around for all parties involved to have a their fair share. No matter how you cut the pie the Palestinian people are still the victims as were the Jewish people and many others from the Nazi in the thirties and forties. The Nazi’s and government of Israel are the people in control of the governments have more responsibility for the way things were and are today. From 1947 until the present the Palestinian people have gotten the short end of the stick while the Israeli are constantly are complaining about being the victim.

People and organizations that have done independent research and have studied the situation have opinions that differ from the official Israeli’s mantra. These people are labeled as being anti Semitic or a self-hating Jew as their argument against their policies and actions. The Israelis like to boast about how they can grow cotton {a water intense crop} in the desert while they are standing around their swimming pools in their backyard. They don’t want to tell you they rank number one in freshwater pollution among all the nations in the world.

That the Israeli Jewish people consume 80% of the freshwater and the Palestinian people get the other 20% of freshwater. Even within Israel proper there are over 100 Palestinian villages with no freshwater system, electricity or roads. They are known as Arab Unrecognized Villages by the Israeli government. Yes these are the truths that you want to deny for your plan for a Greater State of Israel. No to blame the Palestinian people for the mess they are in today would be similar to blaming the European Jewish people for the mess they were in 1938.

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