Saturday, March 25, 2006


Why does the Jewish State of Israel have the Right to Exist?

The tribes of the Jewish people have been in the Holy Land for over four thousand years. The Jewish connection to this region is as old as the beginning of the time to civilization. Historically the Jewish people homeland was in the Middle East region. Overtime the people of the Christian and Islamic faiths grew into great numbers of people and nations. While the Jewish people remained few in numbers of people always being a minority among people of different faiths. The historical tragedies of the Jewish society can only be compared to those of the American Indians.

For many centuries the Holy Land was ruled and controlled by different foreign empires. Today the problems from the past have evolved into greater problems because they were never resolved from the very beginning. Historically the religious leaders have been at odds with the political leaders of nations even when they are one of the same. The modern day Jewish society is relative few in numbers people never having control of their tribal land in the Middle East.

After the end of World War I at the end of the Ottoman Empire the British Empire and French Empires took control of the Middle East region. At this time new western ways were imposed onto the people of the region starting with the creation of defined national boarders. New Arab nations were created over the years with one Jewish States at the end of World War II.

The creation of the Jewish State of Israel was in part reparation for the horrific war crimes of the Holocaust of World War II. The implementation of the two states out of one land of 1947 United Nations Resolution 181 was not done in a good or correct manner. From the very beginning there was a lack of diplomacy and communication between the Arabs, Palestinians, and Jewish people with the British and Americans mandating terms and conditions that they did not enforce. Bringing us to the problems of today in this life long conflict. The historical record is clear even though it is not agreed too by the people on different sides.

Whether it is a human rights or a historical religious right the Jewish people have a right to a secure homeland. The current state of conditions and terms of Jewish homeland of today are not justifiable or secure. Creating a perpetual state of conflict and war. Only with great changes made by the Israelis the people with over whelming power and control of the Holy Land region. Then the proper changes can be made getting back to the original concept of a two state solution that is outlined UN Resolution 181.

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