Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Common Sense Will Bring You Closer to the Truth

The word anarchism suggests “Throwing out the baby with the bath water”. This is not or should not be accepted by the majority of the people. The majority of the people whether on the right, left or center would agree that we have great problems in our nation and the world today. It is the manner and priority in how we solve these problems that the disagreements arise. Many people in America feel that we have become a two party Republic were the politicians in the federal level are one of the same. By the time you get either parties endorsement for President you are bought and paid for by the special interest groups that are polluting our political system.

Common sense will bring you closer to the truth that the propaganda produced by the American mass media. It is safer and more profitable to serve the self-interests of a few powerful interests than to tell the truth. For things to get better in this nation and the world today, a lot of deep soul searching must take place by a lot of people. The basic premise of what is right and wrong is easily understood. Too often it is made out to be black or white when in reality there are many different shades. It is these varying degrees of right and wrong over time that blur the picture to the truth.

Many people on both sides see us heading in the wrong direction with great problems ahead the way we are going today. The answers from our political leaders are not addressing our problems ahead. Without major changes things are only going to get worst. In a democracy the people are responsible for the actions of their government. It is time for more Americans to take an active interest in a responsible way in our government policies here and abroad. We have to save the baby while getting rid of the toxic water the people of the world are counting on it.

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