Friday, June 23, 2006


Warmongers Verses the Chicken Hawks

Yes, the warmongers would rather be called hawks and the chicken hawks would rather be called doves. The real questions that have to be answered are the following. Why the warmongers are considered to be patriots and the chicken hawks are consider traitors in Israel and the United States? Why when the Israelis bomb a house killing a pregnant Palestinian mother and her child it is an accident and when the Palestinians kill an Israeli it is an act of terrorism? To hear the Israeli government official place the blame on the Palestinians who are fighting 39 years of Israeli occupation of their homeland is foolishness.

Over the last five years the Israeli have been killing 5 times as many of the Palestinian children. Almost all the time an Israeli civilian is killed by a Palestinian the Israeli retaliate and it is headline news in the American mass media. Rarely to almost never is it covered by the American mainstream mass media when the Israelis kill a Palestinian civilian. The Israelis have stolen the Palestinian people dignity, land, water and freedom while claiming to be the victims in this life long conflict.

When the American people understand the truth to the Palestinian-Israel conflict they will withdraw their financial military support to the State of Israel. It is very clear that the major of the free world see the State of Israel as a terrorist nation and the United States foreign policies as the biggest threat to world peace and security. The United States and the State of Israel stand alone in their fight against terrorism. The military policies and actions of both nations are creating more terrorists and unrest around the world.

Israel a welfare state is receiving one-third of all of the United States annual foreign aid. Much of it is military related giving the Israelis the upper hand in their fight with the Palestinian society. Why would the Israeli want to see an end to a conflict that they receive billions of dollars for annual? Why would the military industrial complex want peace? It would kill their bottom line. These are some of the questions that need to be answered before there will ever be peace in the world.

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