Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Who’s the Terrorists

With the free flow of information and knowledge brings changes over time. Some of these changes will be good and some will be bad depending upon your perspective. For the most part the history we teach our children has been sanitized and romanticized telling our side of the story. Too often the truth is never told. A good example of this would be by well meaning people such as Secretary of State Rice and Middle East expert Dennis Ross statements on Brett Hume special show, “Bringing Democracy to the Middle East”. The “bar” to the terms and conditions we set for others should be standards we as a nation live up too.

Mr. Ross said one of his conditions for running for democratic leadership is not being part of any militia. This statement was made referring to the recent Hamas victory in Palestine. The problem to Mr. Ross’s statement is in his standard of no militia member running for political office there would be no President George Washington or the majority of Israeli leaders would have been prevented from taking office. History shows in many cases militia’s leaders are the catalyst to change.

If only the United States could live up to the terms and conditions that Ms. Rice set for others the world would be a lot better off. Too often it is the double standard in the United States policies and actions with others that makes the United States look like a hypocrite. Whether it is the United States-Canadian relations verses United States-Mexico or the United States-Israeli verses United States-Arabs there are many double standards in the United States policies.

The United States government says they are fighting a “War on Terrorism” for “Freedom and Democracy”. Secretary Rumsfeld says that most of the world sees Iran as a nation that supports global terrorism. When in global reality many more nations of people see the United States foreign policies that terrorize the people of the world in many cases.

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