Thursday, June 15, 2006


Two for one Sale

Not too many years ago the American government and people were the envy of many people in the world. From all over the world people wanted to come to America. They were proud for what America stood for in sprit and opportunity for all. People from all over the world came to America to discover new ways and products that the people of the world wanted and making great fortunes from nothing. America was a major exporter of produces and ideas bringing us into the modern world, as we know it today.

Days and weeks after 9-11 most people and nations sympathy and sorrow poured out for the people of the United States. The whole world was behind us with a very few exception. Even going into Afghanistan most for the people in the world were behind us with many people having some reservations. Going after Bin Laden who was at the root of 9-11 people understood. Then like a "Two for one sale” we start to go after Saddam's deck of cards in Iraq after we have been bombing Iraq on a regular basis since the 1991 war. Economic trade sanctions that only harmed and effected the every day people of Iraq while Saddam and his deck of cards lived like Kings with bombs and missiles dropping out of the sky.

No one of sound mind questioned whether the American military forces could win the military war against Saddam. The question that many people had was how was America going to bring peace into Iraq after winning the military war. The civilian leaders of the United States government were telling the American people and the people of the world. That we were going to be perceived a hero by the Iraqi people with the people cheering and throwing flowers. That the Iraqi oil was going to pay for the war costing the American taxpayer every little. Today over 2,300 Americans solders killed with over 10,000 injured and maimed for life. So many false statements and lies told to the American people and the people of the world about peace and Iraq. Today by many high-level American government officials and mass media talking heads speak as if it is a coin of a toss whether to attack Iran because Iran is seen as a threat to Israel and America’s national security.

The answers are much more complicated to outline than the problem we face in Iraq. This is because there are many more variables and unknowns to the answers than to the problem. First we need a leader of the United States that will recognize that we have made some great mistakes in our calculation and our military policies in Iraq. There will have to be an apology to the world body of people and nations, made by a high-ranking American government officials for the mistakes made in Iraq. Then an emergency forum must be assembled with the Arab Legion of Nations, European Union, United Nations, United States and an Iraqi delegation. A team must be formed and come up with a plan of agreement. Each party involved will come to the table with what they can do as well as requesting help from others to complete the plan. Only by building a strong and real multilateral collation will we be able to tackle the problems in Iraq giving peace a chance.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. This old proverb has a lot of relevance in the problems we face in Iraq today. Trying to do good for others that are different than you is harder than helping people like your own. This is one of the main reasons we must look to the other side for some of the answers. A major change in the type of ground forces that are in Iraq today would be at the top of the agenda. Fewer United States military soldiers being replaced with more international humanitarian workers. Today the Iraqi people suffer from 40% unemployment until this is corrected there will be no security or peace in Iraq. There are many international NGOs that could be assistance in the re-building of Iraq.

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