Thursday, June 29, 2006


Founding Fathers of Israel were Terrorists

If the United States held the Israeli government to the same level of responsibility for their actions and policies as the Palestinians the United States would be closer to the position of the global community of nations. To categorize Hamas as a terrorist group you would have to categorize the Likud party and the founding fathers of Israel as terrorists. The United States government policies clearly favor the Israelis giving them a free hand to do what they want to do in the conflict. The Israelis have made more enemies than friend with their military and diplomatic government policies and actions.

For the Israelis to kidnap dozens of the elected Hamas leaders of the Palestinian government is the epitome of democratic hypocrisy. The United States is Israel only supporter and friend of their current policies. Most nations of people in the free world see Israel as a terrorist’s nation that receives billions of American dollars annually. Once the United States government starts treating the Israelis for who they really are there will be global unity for the State of Israel to reform her ways. The right wing Israelis have been and are the perpetrators and the aggressors in the violence in this conflict. The Palestinian people are the victims of the right wing Israelis who are fighting for the Greater State of Israel.

The Israelis have had sixty years to create a Jewish State of Israel living in peace. They have failed greatly creating more wars and hatred for the Jewish people of Israel in modern times. Once the United States stands-up to the illegal actions of the Israelis, the United States will rejoin the international community once again. This would make the United States and the people of the world a whole lot safer with the exception of the Israeli hard-liners.

The United States should cut all military and economic aid to Israel. The financial support of Israel from the American Jewish temple and people such as Jack Abramoff should be shut down. Only by recognizing what the Israeli right-wing government is doing, will we solve the problem in this life-long conflict. The Israeli right-wingers have undermined peace and security in the Holy Land for way too long. They have only been able to do this with the United States military and financial support.

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