Thursday, June 01, 2006


Jerusalem is the Heart

Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Without a final settlement dealing with the boarders of Jerusalem there will be no peace or security that will last very long. The three-sections plan for the City of Jerusalem is the only viable way to meet the needs of people on both sides. If it was not for the great religious Holy sites being significant to so many different people around the world. A much less complicated master plan could be implemented. In what may be a lifetime for one person is only a dot in the timeline of history.

Today a new era is upon us with many of the world’s old problems plaguing us. Only by understanding the history of these problems can we come up with some of the answers to solve them. The oppressive policies of the past and today have to change to make a better world for our children tomorrow. An all out effort must be made by the Israelis and the international community of nations to make compensation to the Palestinian people for their great losses. The three-sections plan for the City of Jerusalem is the only way to create a totally neutral space for all people to come together on equal grounds.

The reality on the ground is neither of the two sides the Israelis or Palestinian people want the surrounding area of the Old City of Jerusalem to be a separate so called International City. Both people and nations want it part of their nation and neither side will accept it as part of the other nation. With many great needed changes that must come about in the region an international base for the international non-profit humanitarian NGO's is needed. Starting with Palestine as the base model the NGO's could help in the nation building of Palestine. Helping to rebuild their infrastructure while creating many new local jobs and economy for the Palestinian people. Only when the people on both sides are secure (financial and physically) will there be a long and lasting peace in the region.

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