Saturday, June 17, 2006


The Big Lie Hiding the Truth

They hate us because of our freedom. The American people understand the Muslim culture less than they than understand us and that is a fact. We are an open and transparent society for the world to see. It is our foreign policies that many people loathe and the greed of our international corporations. It is saying one thing and doing another that we say is in the name of our national security while it is at their expense. An example of this would be our government support of Saddam Hussan during 1988 while he was killing thousands Kurds, some of his own country’s people. We suppressed the global community of nation condemnation of Saddam because he was fighting the Iranians who we perceived to be a bigger threat to our national security. Then in 1989 we supported a United Nations Conference on Human Rights to be held in Baghdad.

Another example would be our government’s support of the Israeli government persecution of the Palestinian people. The worst the Israelis treat the Palestinian people the more money we give to the Israeli government. The historical record is clear for the world to see while our mass media hides the truth from the American people. Yet we toot our own horn while suppressing the truth that the whole world sees. It is our double standard of one set of rules for our allies and another set for our foes that the rest of the world hates.

Wouldn’t the State of Israel be a safer place if Israel’s economy were based around tourism instead of the export and sales of military weapons? As long as the Palestinian people have nothing to lose besides their dignity and lives the people of Israeli and rest of the world will live under the threat of global terror. While the State of Israel is conditioned to live this way much of the world is not. If we follow the State of Israel trying to solve our differences by military means we will not have the resources for the humanitarian needs that are at the root of many of these conflicts. By destroying the infrastructure of our opponents we are making the divide worst creating more people that will want to retaliate later.

The right-wingers in Israel and the United States have polarized the global community of nations and people separating us from them because of our military policies. By starting off on the wrong foot the further we go the deeper the divide between our foreign policies and the rest of the global community of nations. Unless the United States and Israel make major changes in the direction they are going we are heading for World War III.

If we had peace and security through out the world then who is going to buy our weapons of protection and destruction from our military industrial complex one of our most profitable industrial export. Often what is a weapon of protection to one nation is a threat to another. We claim we want to stop nuclear weapons proliferation around the world yet the State of Israel possesses these very same weapons. It is acceptable to us for our allies to possess nuclear weapons while threatening a region of our foes. This is another one of the double standards that is threatening global peace.

It is part of the United States foreign policy to separate leaders of other nations from their own people so they have to rely on us for their personal security. While we use tyrants and dictators to threaten people of other nations then we go to war against them when they are no longer useful to our policies and goals. These are some of the main double standards that are the biggest threat to global peace that brought 9-11 onto us. -David

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