Thursday, June 08, 2006


Lack of Common Sense and Fairness in our Domestic and Foreign Policies

The annual federal deficit over ½ trillion dollars and the United States trade deficit over a ½ trillion dollars with the national debt over 8.4 trillion dollars. If this is not bad enough President Bush wants to add an Amendment to our Constitution outlawing Gay marriages making this a major political topic in the up coming election. Between the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, and now the War on Gays and many battles with France, United Nations and any other ideologies that do not agree with our ways. It is the state of health and security of our nation and its people that should be the real political issues in the up coming election.

The economy of the United States and the international community is on the cusp of imploding. With much of the international community losing confidence in the policies and actions of the United States Government, they are no longer going to want to finance our spiraling deficit spending. The double standards and the level of the bar to the Rule of Laws that we hold our allies and foes too are self-serving. Since the end of World War II the United States has dictated and bribed its policies onto the global community of nations. As the American families buy now and pay later, so does our federal, state and local governments putting us in an un-secure position.

It is the lack of common sense and fairness in our domestic and foreign policies that are the greatest threat to our national security. Only with a major change in our policies and attitudes towards our people in America and other nations of people in the world do we have a chance in securing the future of our children.

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