Friday, June 30, 2006


Semitic Jewish people and Semitic Muslims

On the Jewish side there are extremist Zionists who wanted it all to be a pure Jewish state. In 1947 most Arabs and Palestinian people did not accept a Jewish state being imposed onto them by foreigners from western nations. Up until this time the Semitic Jewish people and Semitic Muslims lived together as neighbors often united in fighting the foreign occupying forces of their region.

The bloody fighting we see today between the Jewish people and the Semitic Muslims in the Holy Land did not develop until the foreign non-Semitic Jewish people started to migrate to the State of Israel in large numbers. It is the inhumane treatment of the indigenous Semitic Jewish and Muslims people by the foreigner Jewish people mostly from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. They took over the control of the Jewish State of Israel raising billions of dollars from the Jewish people and temples around the world.

Many of the Jewish Israeli immigrants were Holocaust survivors who lost many members of their family. Prime Minister Sharon parents were Russian immigrants. Israel has never had Prime Ministers who the family lineages comes from the region only making them a truly Semitic Jewish person. The Semitic Jewish people within Israel are treated as second-class citizens while the Muslim Israelis are treat like fourth-class citizens.

Today we are confronted with the broken promises, treaties, and plans of non-agreements from the past. In a world with more dangerous military weapons and armies that can destroy the world many time over. The Israelis are building a dividing Wall and nuclear weapons while receiving a least 3 billion dollars annual in military aid from the American taxpayers. The United States government making it clear any nation or people who help the Palestinian defend themselves against the Israeli military aggression is supporting terrorisms. The Israelis have taken advantage of their position putting all of us in more danger in very dangerous times.

Without recognizing and dealing with the extremist on all sides that are controlling the conditions on the ground there will be no progress to any real peace in the region. There are two main parts to the big problems in the Middle East. The Israel and the Palestinian Crisis as well as the1938 Middle East oil deals with the industrial nations are at the root to many of the problems in this region. Outside forces with self-serving interest have only compounded the problems in the region with a lack of balance in their actions and policies.

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