Thursday, June 22, 2006


Religion Politics and Money

Religion Politics and Money are the three subjects of taboo that you are taught not to talk about socially. Yet the world is built on and revolves around these three topics. They are at the heart of most of the conflicts around the world with million of people being killed over them. So much of the wicked and evil committed by nations of people onto other people is done in the name of God. The nations and people with the most wealth hold and carry more responsibility for the conditions in the world around them.

In the light a person or nation of wealth usually does not look so good in the eyes of God. The Creator of Life cannot see the intolerance of other people with different ways by the religious self-righteous leaders in the world as good. Many of the people who use the name of God as their reference to support their statement or platform are doing the work of the devil. Using ones armies to fight in the name of God is as old as recorded time. More and bigger weapons have made us no more safe from our enemies over the course of time. Anything can be used as a tool or a weapon depending upon the user.

As long as people and nations of wealth spend too much money on military programs they will not have the financial resources needed for the humanitarian projects that would make the world a safer place. Only by bringing into balance socially responsible humanitarian projects and military spending can the needed changes be made. Too often the religious and political leaders of the world are self-consumed in self-preservation leading the people the wrong way.

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