Monday, June 19, 2006


No End Game In Iraq

There will be no end game in Iraq and the War on Terrorist until the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict is resolved. Most of the people in the world are happy Saddam is out of power and is capture. Most people in the world want to see Saddam on trial for crimes against humanity. The people in the world are not divided until you start getting into the some of the details such as who’s court of law will Saddam be tried under. The United States will say under their court of law because they conquered and captured Saddam or under an Iraqi kangaroo court that will put him to a swift death. Many other people will say that many of the same people in the United States government today are connected to Saddam crimes against humanity during the 80’s and 90’s. With the main point of disagreement being how can justice be enforced and prosecuted on one side only.

The United States government is going to want a trial similar to the one Manuel Noriega had only with a death sentence. They will not want to relinquish control of Saddam unless he is going to be put to death. He has too much dirt on too many people in power. While Saddam was committing acts against humanity on the Iraqi people, the State of Israel and Sharon personally were committing their own acts against the Palestinian people. If one were to look at Saddam’s evil doings and the State of Israel’s evil doings one might find a connection to the United States Foreign Policy. The truth is there for anyone to see who looks at both sides of these conflicts. A photograph in 1983 of Donald Rumsfeld handing Saddam gold horse stirrups from President Reagan during the Iraq-Iran War. Tooling up the Arab nations and the State of Israel with weapons of death and destruction to only be used regionally.

A non-bias trial by an international court must be given to Saddam to have any creditability among the global community. With many people believing the United States is cohort of Saddam and the State of Israel this is seen as nothing more than a game of charades with the United States protecting its vital interests. Until a reasonable settlement is reach in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict there will be no peace or security in Iraq, Israel or Palestine. Faster than we squash the elements of terror new ones are born fighting for what they believe to be right. Many people perceive the United States as the self-righteous military empire that is fighting to defend bad policies of other governments such as Saddam’s early Iraq or the Zionist extremist in the State of Israel today to name a few.

Reparation was made to the Jewish people after World War II with the creation of a Jewish State of Israel. It is time the Palestinian people get some reparation for the hardships and atrocities committed onto their people. If the leaders of Israel were held to the same level of accountability as Saddam in the violation of crimes against humanity there would be a much different perception among the people in the world. Without enforcing the rule of law on both sides of the boarders, the people’s perception of justice will not prevail around the world.

The war on terrorism has widened losing focus on its goal, ridding the world of terrorist of no one nation but an ideology that is throughout the world. One side’s accusations are very often the other side’s fact. Realizing that bits and pieces of the truth can be found on both sides of any conflict. Until both sides understand the grievances of the other side there will be no peace and security for either side.

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