Sunday, June 04, 2006


No News is Bad News for the Palestinian People

Rarely does the Palestinian side of their story ever get any American mass media coverage. For the most part the American people are kept in the dark to what is really happening on the ground in the Holy Land. Because of the United States geo political interests the Middle East the American media heavily favors Israel in their coverage. If an act of terror is taken against the Israelis, it is headline breaking news. If the similar act of terror or worst is taken against the Palestinian people by the Israelis. Rarely does it make it into the American mass media news.

The United States government and Jewish Temples continuing unconditional financial and military support of the State of Israel makes them reasonable for the conditions on the ground in the Holy Land. The majority of the international community of nations with the exception of Israel and the United States all agree to the 1967 boarder line between Palestine and Israel. The Palestinian people giving up 78% of their former homeland and the Israelis still want more. The Israeli want total control over the Palestine Territory.

For years the Palestinian people have been held as prisoners in their own homeland. With Palestinian travel and trade severely limited and controlled by the Israeli government. The Palestinian-Israeli Crisis and the Western oil deals with the tyrannical Arab Kingdoms are the catalyst to a lot of the Islamic anger towards the Western world. The excessive military spending by wealthy Arab nations is the by product that is raping the Arab nation wealth. American military industrial complex making great profits from the military arms sales to the Arabs. America is by far the world’s largest exporter of military hardware.

For many years the big oil companies, military industrial complex and the Israelis have gotten their way at the expense of the Palestinian and Arab people. Too many of the world’s people know the truth and the real facts to the wrong doings of the United States, Great Britain and Israeli governments as well as the international mega corporations.

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