Wednesday, June 14, 2006


The Arrogance of the United States and Israeli Government

The arrogance of the United States and Israeli government in their dealing with the Palestinian and Arab people is the root to so much of the tension in the region. This combined with the oil deals and military contracts between the wealthy oil Arab Kingdoms and the western oil consuming nations. Without a major attitude change within the Israeli and United States government policies and actions there will be a war with no end. The current actions and policies of the United States and Israelis are only feeding the Islamic extremists turning moderates into extremists.

To understand the roots to the problems of the Middle East one must understand the recent history of the region. At the beginning of the Twenty Century just before World War I is a good place to start. Within this period of time the Ottoman and British Empires fell and the American Empire was born. The League of Nations ended and the United Nations was started. With the changing of the guard of the region, so too were there changes in the laws of the land. New nations were created dividing the land with international recognized boarders between nations for the first time in this region.

The desire to control the Middle East oil fields and to create a Jewish State, were the early driving forces behind many of the new changes in the region. What was in the best interest of the average Arab person on the street was never taken into account in the oil and land deals that were imposed onto them. Between the medieval Arab Kingdoms that were created and a Zionist State of Israel that wanted more and more land is the foundation of the problems in the Middle East today. Large profits and gains made by a very few people are the leaders in this conflict today. Western oil deals making a very few Royal Arab families very wealthy with the Jewish people receiving a state at the cost of the Palestinian people.

For there to be reconciliation between the Palestinian-Arab and Jewish-Israelis there must be reparation made to the Palestinian people and it should be a working Arab model for others to follow. Only by being fair and balance can there be justice that will one day lead to long term peace between nations. As the Jewish people deserved reparations after World War II so do the Palestinian people today. Only by addressing the wrongs of yesterday will we have peace and harmony tomorrow.

The United States and Israel as well as the Arab nations must change their ways in dealing with others. By building bridges of understanding and commerce a better understanding of the other people will develop creating more trust and tolerance between one another. When the Palestinian people have an improvement in the standard of living of their society then peace will have a chance. One cannot imprison an impoverished people and have peace too.

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