Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Nation of Palestinian

The Zionists in there claim for their Greater State of Israel will say there never was a country named Palestine. Up until recent times, the Israeli government’s officials denied that there were ever any Palestinian people instead calling them Arabs. For the most part it is only been Jewish revisionist’s history that the American people have been exposed too, concerning the Middle East. This combined with the western oil deals and the military contracts is the root of the tensions between the Middle East and the Western world.

The western industrial nations take a land that was named Palestine and divide it, 55% Jewish and 45% Palestinian with the Jewish people taking over all of Palestine. The Arabs and Palestinians people and nations protest this land deal. As it is today their side of the story and conflict was never heard by the majority of the American people. Instead the Jewish revisionist’s history is taught in the American school and churches as gospel. Anyone who questions the Jewish revisionist’s history is labeled anti-Semitic. Again this is more of Jewish revisionist’s history with the word “Semites”. Because the true definition of Semitics is people who come from a region within the Middle East. They are Muslims, Christians, and Jewish people.

It is much more expensive to defend un-just and inhumane terms and conditions onto another people. Than it is to defend policies that are fair and just for all. Setting the “bar” at one level for one side and another level for the other side is not fair. For the United States to send tens of billions of dollars in military aid and hardware while denying humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people is wrong. For the wealthy oil kingdoms to invest more of their money in the western oil consuming nations than in the poorer Middle Eastern countries is wrong.

Yes, there are many changes that haven to come about on both side to correct the many wrongs that we face today. No one side can impose justices onto the other side and have it be fair. Only the wealthy and strong nations of people have the control of power to make the needed changes that have to come about to it a better world. It is for this reason the United States, Great Britain, Israel and the wealthy Arab nations have a higher level of accountability for the problems we face in the Middle East today.

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