Friday, June 02, 2006


Money or Religion

If money is the root to evil then religion is the by-product. What is worst? A western capitalist society that revolves around money or an eastern society that revolves around religion. Common sense would tell you a balnce between faith and material things is better than one or the other. The critics from both sides will accuse the other side of being too much of the other (religious or materialist) and reality will tell you to some degrees this is true.

When the religious leaders and or capitalist leaders have too much power over a government, what is in the best interest of the people at large will be lost to those in power. When combined with large armies that have weapons of mass of mass destruction the security of the future of the human race in danger. Only by having an international understanding that what is right and fair for one side should be equally apply to the other side whether allied or foe. The role of federal governments should be limited to their borders and international multi-lateral platforms. Stronger regional multi-lateral organizations are needed to help settle local problems and disputes.

It is natural for governments to want to grow and consolidate more power for themselves. It is not natural for governments to concede the powers they all ready have to another. Here lies the problem in any changes for the better. Only by bringing the role of governments into question can you address the problems we face as a people in the world. For each nation will have its own unique standards and problems that will have to be addressed. For some nation the federal government may be too large and over stepping its bounds. For other nations the Federal government may not be strong enough to handle its own internal problems. In each case the people within a nation are the only ones that can make the needed changes to make things better.

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