Friday, June 16, 2006


Israel Wartime Economy is Failing

Israel wartime economy is failing and so is the military aggression against the Palestinian people. With the Palestinian people in the position of having very little to nothing to lose and the Israelis have everything to lose but peace and security. It is time for a major change in the direction in the way things are going. The State of Israel must lead in these changes for they are the people with the power and control of the situation. The transformation from a wartime region to a peacetime region will be a process that will have to evolve over time.

By the State of Israel willing to accept International Peace Keeper leading the way for international humanitarian relief workers to help the Palestinian people. This will change the climate of the region making it more conducive for negotiating a final agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis. The peacekeepers will only operate in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the Palestinians cities and villages while the Israel Defense Forces remain in the State of Israel Proper and Jewish settlements in the West Bank until the settlement issues have resolved.

If the Palestinian society could see some changes for better on the their streets with some help from the State of Israel. This would create a great deal of goodwill toward the State of Israel from the international community of nations. Then Israel could normalize diplomatic relations with the international community of nations. By decreasing the level of tension between the Palestinians and Israelis will help stabilize the region. Then and only then the tourism industry can flourish creating many new opportunities for the people on both sides.

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