Sunday, June 18, 2006


Truth to Palestine and Israel

The proverbial story of the three blind people describing an elephant holds a lot of truth in Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The first blind person is feeling the tusk of the elephant describing it as hard, pointed, and smooth. The second blind person is feeling the trunk of the elephant describing it as long, thin, and muscular. The third blind person is sitting on top of the elephant saying it is big, fatty, with rough skin. All three descriptions are true, yet they are incomplete missing the big picture.

Many of the great accomplishments the Jewish people made in Israel have been at the expense of the Palestinian people. Whether it is in agricultural using a disproportional amount of the local water or the beautiful parks and open spaces they have around the Jewish settlements. One must deal with the reality on the ground to how Israel became the nation it is today. It is a fact that there are no people in the world that would be willing to turn over 55% of their nation to another nation of people. Then lose another 20% a year later in a war fighting for their land. The State of Israel was imposed onto the Palestinian people by the western nations. The plight of the Palestinian and Jewish people is well known by many people around the world.

What is not known by very many people are the answers to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? There are many questions without simple answers that have to be resolved. Such as who is going to control the Old City of Jerusalem and the religious Holy sites? The Right of Return of Palestinians as well as the Right of Return of the Jewish people to Israel must be addressed. Clearly any fair and legitimate proposal will not be what either side would want for an ideal settlement. If one approaches the problems as what is fair for one side should also be fair for the other side as well. There are differences on both sides that have to be dealt with in a manner so that both sides agree. The State of Israel possessing nuclear weapons is a problem that must be addressed because of the larger picture. Even children have a good since to what is fair among their peers. The same is holds true with nations of people.

Many people believe the answers to the problems will be found from within the Palestinian-Israeli community. This is true to a large degree except for the fact that it was the outside world that created many of the problems from the beginning. The international Jewish community is so few in numbers yet internationally they have so much affluence that they have poured into the State of Israel. Bringing balance into the Palestinian-Israel Crisis will solve problems that armies cannot. Most of all the people agree to the two state solution as the way. Now is the time to implement such a plan where both sides can prosper as nations together. Palestine should become the shining pearl of the Middle East that other nations in the region can gravitate towards as a goal. We can win the hearts and minds of the people of the world with tools not weapons.

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