Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Until Both Sides Understand the Grievances of the Other Side

If one were to quote President G. W. Bush one might think he is a threat to world peace. To paraphrase the President ‘Bring them on” “You are either on our side or on the side of the terrorists” “The Evil doers” “War on terrorists” and so on? Our President set a new precedent with a preemptive military take over of sovereign nation on bad intelligence information. There was no question whether Saddam should be removed from power by the international community, the question is how was best way to remove him. Many people from many nations believed there were many other options to be considered before we resort to a military invasion and take over. Many of these same people say if the United States 5% of the world’s population did not consume 25% of the world’s natural resources such as crude oil there would be less pressure on the Middle East oil producing nations with more crude oil for other people in nations of need. Between Prime Sharon and President Bush’s they’re policies and actions have united with anger the Arab world and the Islamic people like never before in modern history.

With many of the people in the world are polarized and divided on these Middle East issues with the United State’s policies on the wrong side going the wrong way. Most people in the world realize that the United States Government had a great deal to do with the creation of Saddam, Bin Laden, The Shaw of Iran, and the current state of Israel today. With Iran being perceived as a bigger threat the United States backed Saddam’s Iraq and the former Soviet Union being perceived as a bigger threat we backed Bin Laden and the Taliban. When our guns and arms stopped going their way, they pointed them towards us.

Common sense is missing from our government’s foreign policy and domestic policies creating and raising the level of tension around the world. Our military has taken on a war of terror with a people of no one nation but an ideology. For every “terrorists” we kill or capture we create four more. Look at the Palestinian-Israeli Crisis this has happen on both sides over the last fifty-five years. The occupation of any nation by foreigners over time is a no win situation. What nation of people would allow the outside international community to mandate land of your nation to another people from other nations without a major fight? Yes it is true the Arab people never accepted the way the State of Israel was imposed upon them. But then the Israeli Zionists never gave them a reason to do so. For Israel or the United States to have security within their own borders, they must have policy that can be defended in a court of humanity before the people of the world.

The “Geneva Accords” as a supplement to the “Road Map” that was written by the Quartet and adopted by the United Nations Security Council. The Geneva Accords outline some of the actions that must be taken to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, for it is one of the major roots to the tension in this region.

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